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Discover Everything Carbon County - Business & Tourism
Your Guide to Jim Thorpe, Lehighton, Palmerton, Penn-Kidder, Weatherly & Panther Valley.

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Structural Metal Fabricators (SMF)

Founded in 1979 by Lee A. Held, Structural Metal Fabricators, Inc. was created to service the area’s heavy industry. Our plant today has over 61,000 sq. feet of manufacturing, engineering, sales, service space and a parts showroom. We are proudly a veteran owned and operated company. Semper Fi!

Quality Policy: Structural Metal Fabricators, Inc.
It is the policy of Structural Metal Fabricators, Inc. to establish, maintain and improve internal processes and controls to provide products and services of the highest quality and which meet or exceed our customer’s requirements and exceptions at a competitive price and with timely delivery. Structural Metal Fabricators, Inc. fosters a team approach to problem solving and risk-based thinking by empowering all employees to be quality ambassadors. Certified as an ISO 9001:2015 based Quality Management System. Our company’s culture and daily practices as long-term commitment to quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Fabrication Division
Established in 1981, the Fabrication Division engineers, designs and fabricates all steel, aluminum and stainless steel parts to support the truck equipment division products and the field service division components. SMF utilizes the latest engineering technology, including 3-D Auto-Cad and Solid Works programs.

Utility Division
Created in 1983, the Utility Division became a major provider of service, installation, manufacturing and sales of truck and trailer mounted equipment. Our product line includes cranes, aerial lifts and underground and overhead equipment. We also manufacture custom built and standard van interiors, winches and other truck equipment. Custom made trailers and truck bodies, equipment maintenance and repairs are just some of our specialties. In 2011, we started manufacturing the Aero-Lift by SMF Inc., a full line of telescopic aerials from 18' to 60'.

Contracted Services Division
In 2004, SMF began supplying contract labor to customers sites. An efficient way to meet your peak, seasonal, and project needs with non-technical labor. Personnel are MSHA qualified and part 46 trained.

BTS Rental and Leasing
In 2014, we established BTS Rental and Leasing, a woman owned minority business to provide customers with some of the utility products that SMF builds. These rentals are available for short or long term.

For more information, please visit us at www.smftruck.com


First Northern Bank & Trust

An independent, family owned and operated community bank, First Northern Bank and Trust Co. is a rock-solid, reliable financial partner, leader and citizen, active in the current affairs of the communities we serve. Thanks to the loyalty of thousands of customers, we continue to grow and prosper through eleven branch locations in four counties: Carbon, Lehigh, Monroe and Northampton. We combine personal, relationship-based service with the latest technologies to make banking quick, easy and convenient. Our local decision makers are both agile and flexible, offering fast approvals and customized financial solutions. FNBT offers a complete line of personal and business financial services including Checking, Savings, Loans, Lines of Credit, Credit Cards, Mortgages, and more. Our suite of Online and Mobile Banking Services includes iPhone and Android Apps, Online Financial Management, Online Bill-Pay, Mobile Deposit, Online Cash Management, Text Alerts, P2P Transfers, E-Statements and more. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter, or at www.1stnorthernbank.com. For customer service, call (610) 826-2239 or (800) 344-2274. Stop by and see us in Palmerton at Fourth Street and Lafayette Avenue, in Gilbert at Route 209 and Gilbert Road, in Tannersville on Route 611, in Mt. Bethel on Route 611, in Bath at 383 South Walnut Street, in Sciota on Business Route 209, in Blakeslee on Route 940, in Egypt in the Old Post Plaza on Old Post Road (Route 329), in Northampton on Route 329 (Nor-Bath Boulevard), in Wind Gap at 6663 Sullivan Trail, and in Stroudsburg at 101 Park Avenue.

  Member FDIC ,Equal Housing Lender

For more information, please visit www.1stnorthernbank.com.


chamber updates


economic development news

Out & About with Carbon County Economic Development

Marlyn Kissner, CCEDC Executive Director, and Kathy Henderson, Director of Economic Development for Carbon County, had the opportunity to join Gov. Wolf on a tour of downtown Jim Thorpe on Wednesday, September 20, 2017. Both had a chance to speak with him about the importance of various loan programs and overall support for our small businesses in the county. 

Why Making Others Feel Important

Will Make You Happier & More Successful

Over the years I have read numerous books and articles by consultants on how to become more successful.  Brian Tracy is one of my favorites.  

We are often asked at the Chamber "how did we become so successful?"  The answer is surprisingly easy.... we honestly care about the people and businesses we serve.  

I came across an article by Mr. Tracy the other day that I felt exemplifies the way that we conduct business here at the Chamber.  This particular article adds another layer by telling us that making others feel important satisfies the deepest subconscious cravings of human nature.  

Mr. Tracy asks his audiences: "What percentage of the time are people emotional and what percentage of the time are people logical?  There can be many schools of thought, but the true answer is that people are 100 percent emotional.  They decide emotionally and then justify it logically.  But emotion comes first.

Everything that happens in your life affects you emotionally in some way. Everything that affects you makes you happy or sad, motivated or unmotivated, loving or angry, fearful or confident. Nothing is neutral."

How does this translate to being successful in business?  

Mr. Tracy advises us to become a relationship expert. He says: "We are positively affected by people who say and do things that make us feel important and valuable.  Everything a person does or says that raises our self-esteem causes us to like and respect ourselves more.  As a result, we feel positive toward the person who is making us feel better about ourselves."

Your job is to become a "relationship expert" by developing the habits of speaking and acting that make people feel important and valuable. When you develop the habit of doing and saying things that cause people to feel good about themselves, their lives, their work and their families, all kinds of doors will open for you. People will like and respect you and want to be around you. They'll want to hire you, promote you, work for you, and buy from you. They'll accept your influence and leadership and give you power in your work and community."

The starting point of becoming a relationship expert is to develop the habit of practicing the golden rule in everything you do with everyone you meet. The golden rule says, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
This principle is so simple -- yet so powerful -- that if everyone were to apply it, the world would transform overnight.

Building a successful business relies on the relationships that you develop with your customers.  Make them feel special, show them that you really care about their needs, take the extra step to help them and you will find that you are creating loyal customers who will come back time and time again.

Looking to Expand and Grow Your Business and Need Financial Assistance?

The CCEDC Can Help!


Starting a new business certainly has its challenges.  You come up with an idea you do the research even find a great location.  Now how are you going to bankroll it?

Remember that usually the first dollars into your business are yours.  Perhaps you dipped into savings or cashed in your 401k or maxed out your credit cards.  You may even have worked your regular job and moonlighted at your business to get it off the ground but now you’re ready for the next step; actually going out on your own.

At the startup stage, angel investors are hard to find and asking for help to find grants, or ‘free money,’ is a common request that my office handles all the time. While there may be some small grants, these are not common. 

New businesses have a hard time getting funding from a bank because they don’t have the financial history of actually being in business.  There is really nothing concrete to show a lender that your business is successful much less be able to pay back a loan. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

CLICK HERE to Learn More and for Application.