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COURTESY OF GUEST BLOGGER: Nic East, Jim Thorpe Artist & Co-Owner of Hill Home Forge B&B www.niceastdesign.com

The goal of almost all meditators today is Enlightenment. It is thought to be one of the most important spiritual objectives and yet is not clearly understood my most whose ambition it is. What is Enlightenment, and why do we pursue it so diligently?

Enlightenment has previously been thought to be the act of having a keen interest in all things spiritual and scientific. It began to become an elevated goal back in the 1700’s and developed across cultures and religions during the succeeding two centuries. It came into the general public awareness during the early 1980’s with the advent of New Age values. At that time, “enlightened” people were thought to be kind, reasonable, charitable, law-abiding and scientifically curious.

I have studied this movement in depth as it metamorphosed throughout the ages and found that it is much broader and more obscure in content than we previously thought. One powerful consideration has risen to the surface of our culture that is strongly based upon our individual spiritual empowerment. This is the idea that you should know yourself deeply and be kind and cordially respectful to all others. We should endeavor to see ourselves as parts of the God Principle and treat all humans as brothers and sisters within that observation. Along with this thought, I believe we should strive to take action using our natural Creativity put forward as our best core value. As creative “Makers” we must also accept responsibility for the actions that we take. We should do our best to see the Big Picture by profoundly examining what is taking place within our immediate world as well as what is happening to the general populace. Also, we should strive to act humanely in all interactive situations.

In order to do all that, we necessarily must generalize our knowledge as much as possible and undertake to pursue a great many differing specialties. In that way, we will have the breadth of knowledge and understanding that enables more enlightened decisions.

Knowing more and more about what transpires around us is broadening culturally and enabling socially because it increases individual awareness of our general world experience. Caring more about our fellow human beings enables a more serene cultural interaction in all situations. This, to me is the basis of our enlightenment.


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