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Destiny Anyone?


COURTESY OF GUEST BLOGGER: Nic East, Jim Thorpe Artist & Co-Owner of Hill Home Forge B&B www.niceastdesign.com

Many of us still believe in the old idea of Predestination, which is very limiting, like blindly following a written prescription for living. Many oriental stories begin with, “It is written . . .” If Predestination truly existed, I think that would take all the fun out of your life. It is the basis of religious and governmental fundamentalism. No surprises are possible when the future is entirely known and you are doomed to remain in your rut for the balance of your existence here upon this wonderful and surprising planet, watching the passing scene. Is that what you really want?

Now, Destiny is a far different animal than the idea of Predestination. In fact, I posit that Predestination cannot exist in any imagined reality, but Destiny surely can. You might assume that Destiny precludes any creative action, for there has always been a bit of confusion here. I think I can help; let me explain:

Many people erroneously confuse Predestination and Destiny and therein is the rub; Destiny is the totality of what your life is about, but never the details of how it happens. Destiny is what we are best at; for instance, I am a Maker. I spend my life making things; creating ideas and putting the odds and ends of reality together in ways that satisfy my inbuilt need to create and define. This is how I fulfill my Destiny and since it makes me very happy to do this, I am not entrapped in an imaginary cage of predestination’s making. I almost never do things “by the book” unless it’s reading the directions to put a kit together and that is rare.

Destiny is our role in life and however it is chosen; (by internal or external means) it should always be harmonious and comfortable for us, like a well-fitting glove.  Like it or not, we choose our Destiny and daily give it our energy. Destiny does not preclude religion or philosophy either, for it offers us total freedom of expression. It also allows . . . indeed encourages humility, empathy and altruism; three things that Humanity desperately needs to know and practice.

As adults, we often examine the memories and histories we keep of our lives to find out if we are “succeeding” of “failing”.  We use various means of measurement when we do this. Sometimes we count our money and at other times we count our blessings. Seldom do we fully understand what our Destiny is for that understanding requires a lot of very deep thought and self honesty (the ability to confront unexpected adversity). Often we are frustrated by things that seem to be going wrong all the time. Health and financial issues, along with the unpredictable vagaries of our personal lives often pull at our minds making us suspect that something is wrong with the way we are managing our day-by-day activities. Our self image suffers when our ship of life seems headed for the rocky shore. We need to take control of what otherwise accidentally happens to us. If perchance a calamity occurs, we always look for a cause and try to rationalize the circumstances accordingly.  To reveal the truth of our personal Destiny, we really need to go deeply, objectively and truthfully at the same time. Do not be fearful about what you discover when you do this, for often only a small part of our Destiny will be evident and more digging will be necessary.

Meditation helps, but is not absolutely necessary. Your Destiny will reveal itself to you eventually. When you accept the need to be proactive about life’s challenges, you will be taking stronger control; because merely observing alone is a passive activity and leads nowhere in the end. Becoming hyper-vigilant will encourage too much stress and that is not good either. If you expend more energy elevating your awareness and looking ahead with better concentration, more and deeper understandings will surface within your mind. It has been said, “An unexamined life is not worth living”.

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Feb 5, 2018 2:28 AM
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